AXIO-NET - Satellite Positioning Services

AXIO-NET – This Name Stands for Standardised Correction Data and GNSS Solutions.

Besides the GNSS correction data we offer value-added services tailored to the customers’ requirements. These include for example the AXIO-NET SIM cards, the real-time transformation service TRANS or the post-processing service ViPP.

In this context our experiences cover all fields of the precise position services (surveying, machine control, agriculture and forestry, automotive industry, aviation, geo-monitoring and many other fields). How can we help you to solve your problems?

  • standardised correction data for satellite-based positioning
  • planning and operation of local reference networks
  • service and support for every issue connected to GNSS.

Our reference Services

For professional applications position-fixings with GNSS systems in highest precision can be realised with AXIO-NET services. Thus the precise real-time service PED provides a positioning accuracy in the cm range, the real-time services ED and ED Max provide accuracies in the submeter range.

Our services overview

How it works

An accuracy of up to two cm requires complex processes. It is our objective to see to it that you notice the background works as little as possible so that you can concentrate completely on your business. Here you will gain an insight in the functioning of our technology.


A Practical Example: Femern Belt

A long-cherished European vision has been taking shape: a permanent link between Germany and the Kingdom of Denmark that connects Scandinavia with the transport route network of Continental Europe. For its construction the set-up and the operation of a local reference network was put out to tender all over Europe. The contract was awarded to AXIO-NET.

more details to this unique project      

How can we help you?

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