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News and appointments, information given on products and services, information on meetings and events, current comments on professional conventions and forums as well as the latest news of AXIO-NET. Here you will find all information on our services and our company.


Handing over of the Femern Belt Positionierungssystem to Fermern A/S

On 25th August 2010, AXIO-NET handed over the Femern Belt Positioning System to the principal Femern A/S Copenhagen. In summer 2009, Femern A/S awarded the contract for development and set-up of the FBPS to AXIO-NET in...more


DGNSS Without Borders

Hanover – The international availability of standardised correction data is no longer a vision. Whereas the European continent has been a patchwork rug of different systems and suppliers only very recently, owing to AXIO-NET you...more

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