Corrections over the Fairway

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Because of satellite technology Arcadia GmbH gives a boost in the golfing landscape: the most attractive places are surveyed and provided digitally via GPS/GLONASS and AXIO-NET correction data. The result: precise data for their efficient administration and an ideal basis of realistic simulators for indoor golfers.

500 to 1,000 single images per golf fairway, were exactly located via a mobile Topcon GRS-1 receiver and the PED service of AXIO-NET. This is the data basis of a golf simulator in a class of its own. Due to the realistic digitisation and an accuracy in the order of centimetres worldwide exotic locations can be brought indoors to passionate golfers or to commercial providers. Playing some rounds with Beckenbauer and Co.? No problem.

For example St. Leon-Rot, the club of well-known personalities, has already been surveyed and digitised in the form of real images and so have been about 20 other fairways in Germany and abroad. “Strictly speaking it is no simulation, but a representation of real images. The location of the hole matches exactly the one in nature, explains Nico Gold of Arcadia GmbH. The correction data of AXIO-NET precise real-time service PED allows for an exact and repeatable positioning of the camera location.


But also operators managing their traditional golf courses can take economic advantage of the satellite-based precise survey. Greenkeeping as well as the entire fairway management can be planned and documented more exactly – starting with the use of seeds and fertilisers. In several federal states the registration of compensation areas through the operators of fairways lies ahead. The larger they are in relation to the playing surface, the better: this relation is reflected in the evaluation within the planned ecopoints bourses. Due to the differentiated calculation of areas their respective ratio can be determined exactly. Owing to the application of the satellite technology the fairways can be surveyed with little effort so that the expenses are limited.

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