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Whether you require orientation, navigation, an accurancy of measurements in the order of centimetres or the precise control of your construction machinery - AXIO-NET supplies the correction data you need - no matter where you are or what time it is.


AXIO-NET provides correction data for precise navigation using satellite signals, throughout Europe. Accuracies can be obtained in the order of centimetres and in real-time. That is why this method is especially suitable for dynamic applications such as the controls of heavy building machines.

Soil replacement drillings are often carried out on contaminated areas in the course of soil remediation. The contaminated soil is excavated and the drill hole backfilled. The positioning of huge drilling machines can be effected fully automatically. As a result, the time which the employees spend on the contaminated soil is limited to the absolute minimum.

Even conventional processes can be optimised by this method. At the construction site of the BAB 14 (federal motorway) a caterpillar was equipped for the first time with this receiver technology. Furthermore, the experts of AXIO-NET installed a “virtual” reference station which allows users to overcome mobile dead zones.

  • No regional connection to base stations
  • Very high accuracy (up to 2 cm)
  • Correction data at the push of a button (`plug & play´solution)
  • Economic, fair tariffs
  • High flexibility due to national and international availability
  • Independent of manufacturer and software – usable with all systems for RTK network


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