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Whether the big power line or the individual household connection under the footpath: in the public utilities industry an accurate network documentation and cable location is decisive for the efficient maintenance of the supply network.

Companies in the energy and utilities trading have particularly high demands for satellite-based positioning systems.

In the integration of GNSS solutions it is therefore important that you can rely on a partner being fully aware of the requirements imposed by network-related processes.

For the public sector the satellite reference services of AXIO-NET developed on the basis of correction data solutions and applications that connect in a high degree of precision plus economic and operating efficiency. An example of this is the laser-based natural gas remote detecting system CHARM that is employed when gas lines are controlled by helicopter so that profitability of the power operation can be clearly increased.

In planning and in construction of gas pipelines the expenditure of time can be reduced by 60% when AXIO-NET correction data are applied. During the operation pipelines are localised, entered and documented quickly, reliably and safely. The accuracy when this data is provided in real time extends to the centimetre range, in the post-processing phase even higher accuracies can be obtained. For this reason the expenditure for later maintenance is also reduced: defective or high-maintenance points of pipelines are quickly found and exposed, the excavation works limited to a minimum.

Whether the satellite positioning systems are applied in the planning of big power lines or in the maintenance of the individual household connection – AXIO-NET supplies standardised correction data all over Germany in real-time with the precision required for the appropriate process.

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