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Do you have a question about our company, our services or our technique? Here you will find the answers.

AXIO-NET and AXIO-NET`s Services

Who is AXIO-NET?
AXIO-NET was founded on 01 March 2008. AXIO-NET with reference networked services as a core business. Our registered office is in Ottobrunn, Munich, but we operate out off Hanover. Two of the most experienced and most successful providers in the fields of development and operation of satellite-based services formed a joint venture: Astrium Services GmbH (a subsidiary of EADS) and ALLSAT GmbH network+services.

How does AXIO-NET secure your data?
It is our particular concern that the data of our customers is secured. All our offered services are handled in accordance with data protection law. Our external data protection officer, Thorsten Feldmann, is supporting all relevant processes. If you have any questions with regard to our data policy, please contact us at datenschutz@axio-net.eu .

How does AXIO-NET assure the quality of its products?
All of our staff are specialists who have subscribed themselves to very high quality standards. Consequently, AXIO-NET was certified in accordance with ISO standard 9001:2000. In addition, AXIO-NET PED and AXIO-NET FarmRTK have been approved by TÜV Süd as certified services. Real-time accuracy, availability and service-quality were tested. PED and FarmRTK achieved top marks in all areas and therefore we are able to provide the first certified real-time services in Germany. Our quality manager Bastian Huck is responsible for all matters of quality assurance.

Where can I find more information about AXIO-NET services?
For detailed information about ascos please see on this site „Products and Solutions“. In addition, we provide a free of charge hotline for all technical or contractual questions. Also you can contact us by email at ascos@axio-net.eu.

How do I become a customer of AXIO-NET?
Please place your order with us online or in text form (via email, fax or mail). For more information about our terms and conditions please contact our employees on our free of charge hotline 0800-1127267 (for calls from Germany only) or at service@axio-net.eu.

Technical Questions

How can I get AXIO-NET correction data?
You may have access to our services via special dial-in numbers or the internet. Hence, you can get your correction data via the mobile GSM or GPRS/UMTS services.

Which mobile connection providers shall I choose for using ascos correction data?
In general you can use all mobile connection providers to get your correction data. A prerequisite for this is that your provider offers you a CSD data connection via GSM or an internet login via GPRS/UMTS. Due to a better network coverage we recommend in Germany a provider of the German D-network.

What kind of tariff do I have to choose with my mobile connection provider?
AXIO-NET offers you SIM cards at very economical prices. If you want to use your own SIM card, please contact your mobile connection provider in order to avoid needless charges.

What are the differences between GSM and GPRS?
The GSM network allows transferring data via telephone connections by CSD (circuit switched data). GPRS is a mobile internet service based on the GSM network. Instead of a line-switched connection data are transported in form of packets via the network on the fastest way possible. When using GSM, the dial-up is made with certain dial-in numbers, when using GPRS with IP addresses. Connections via GSM are charged with respect to the time of use, GPRS normally with respect to the data volume transferred. In practice GPRS is the cheaper alternative. But since GPRS does not offer any guarantee of quality of service and requires a stronger field strength, GSM may be the better choice in individual cases

What is the data volume when using of ascos?
The amount of data volume depends on different factors:

  • chosen correction data service
  • correction data format
  • satellite systems (GPS only or GPS+GLONASS)
  • numbers of usable satellites

You can estimate, as a guideline for precise real-time services, a volume of 2 megabytes per hour when using the RTCM format 2.3. For 3.1 it is about 40% less. This rough calculation is based on the use of 10 satellites. You can calculate the volume in approximate proportion to the number of satellites in use.

How can we help you?

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