Rover Adjustments to Use AXIO-NET Services

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For the smooth running of your satellite receiver with the correction data of AXIO-NET you need to adjust uniquely your rover. Hereafter you find the relevant information on the current satellite receivers.

Independent of the type of satellite receiver the following assumptions for the use of AXIO-NET services have to be valid. Please verify whether these requirements are met:

  • Installation of a mobile phone modem or data-suitable cell phone
  • Installation of a data-suitable SIM-card.
  • The transfer of phone numbers may not be blocked for the card; so please take this fact into consideration if you use your own SIM card.

Activation of the GSM card for AXIO-NET services by our employees after they have received an application in text form:

  • Entry of the correct PIN.
  • Availability of the GSM-network in the surveying region. Please verify via your cell phone on-site whether the mobile communication is sufficiently covered by the network.
  • Selection of the correct dial-in number.

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