AXIO-NET RTK - The RTK Solution for Great Britain

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AXIO-NET provides standardised correction data for GPS and GLONASS positioning with the highest accuracy in real-time throughout Great Britain. Without any additional system components you can easily and reliably determine your position with an accuracy of +/- 2 cm with dual-frequency receivers offered by all known producers.

The precise real-time service, AXIO-NET RTK, provides measurement accuracies of up to 2 cm in the horizontal and 4 cm in the vertical with geodetic dual-frequency receivers. This is made possible by the application of a reference network which can be used when satellite signals are to be corrected. Thus, the many errors of satellite signals can be modelled and corrected. They are mainly caused by clock errors, satellite orbital errors and runtime errors due to ionosphere and troposphere.

Individual correction data is calculated for each user; this data is provided in a standardized format (RTCM) to the user. The clock rate is 1 second. The original GNSS signals are corrected by means of the AXIO-NET data in the satellite receiver of the user.

The data transfer between the mobile positioning systems and the AXIO-NET computer centre is performed via mobile connection (GPRS). Based on the data delivered by the reference stations, correction models are calculated and are made available to the user who provides an approximate position in the standardized NMEA format. For this purpose a virtual reference station (VRS) is optionally calculated. The systematic errors are eliminated completely by means of the correction model.

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