AXIO-NET ED - The Real-time Service Providing a Measuring Accuracy of +/- 30 - +/- 50 cm

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With its ED service AXIO-NET provides all over Germany standardized correction data for GPS and GLONASS positionings in real time. Without using additional system components you can determine with a geodetic one-frequency receiver your position with an accuracy of approx. ±30 to ±50 cm.

Owing to an infrastructure of GPS and GLONASS reference stations AXIO-NET is able to provide you all over Germany with individual code corrections in real time with a clock rate of 1 second. Owing to the real-time networking of the reference stations major errors of the satellite signals can be modelled and corrected. For this purpose the user gets in contact to a data computer system via the mobile phone network.

Individual correction data are calculated for each user and will also be returned via mobile communications in the standardised RTCM 2.3 format. In the satellite receiver of the user the original GNSS signals are corrected with the help of the data from the computer centre. Branches that apply DGNSS are, inter alia, forestry and hydrographic surveying.

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