AXIO-NET ViPP - Virtuell Post-Processing

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AXIO-NET provides virtual RINEX as data service via internet for post-processing applications with an accuracy of < 1 cm.

An Internet portal provides you with the data for the analysis in the post-processing around the clock. So high precision GNSS solutions can be achieved by the additional analysis of the measurement results.

Typical applications for post-processing that require a measure of accuracy up to the sub-centimetre area are e.g. the geodetic survey and engineering surveying, scientific applications such as monitoring tasks. Even in case of a failure of your mobile phone provider you can calculate your measuring results later. Thus using ascos ViPP you have traceable correction data at your disposal.

You can generate by a simple click of the mouse the post-processing data for your individual rover positions out of the AXIO-NET networking by using the ViPP access. Start time and ending time, clock rate, file length and the data compression are free selectable via an interactive input menu. Prior to the actual download of the virtual post-processing data you can verify online the consistency and availability of the data.

On server-side the post-processing data are archived for at least 30 days so that you can carry out your analysis easily at a later date. The data can be downloaded from the server after entry of the required login data.

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