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When dealing with individual projects, we provide customised solutions relating to precise coordinates.

Since we are independent of hardware manufacturers, we are able to present the best solutions to you for your consulting projects. Our personnel have many years of experience in the field of precise positioning. This, and also our strong partnerships make us a professional and reliable partner when implementing your projects. We continuously assist our customers’ research projects and help them develop innovative and efficient solutions.

What can we do to support your projects?

Design, Setup and Operation of GNSS-Reference Networks

As an independent consultant we support you with the design, setup and operation of your GNSS infrastructure. Being the provider of the commercial German GNSS reference networked services AXIO-NET we are very familiar with the entire value chain. This starts with the setup of a reference station and ends with system monitoring, a customer hotline and sales. We focus our efforts on the value-added services you need.

How can we help you?

Service & Support
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