Reference Network - Correction Data from the Network

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Traditional real-time kinematics for real-time positioning, accuracy, availability and reliability are dependent on the length of the baseline, i.e. the distance between a reference station and a rover.

An increased length of the baseline has a stronger effect on clock errors, satellite orbit errors and atmospherically caused signal delays. These effects result in an impairment of accuracy of the telemetry.

Networked Reference Stations

Telemetry-related deviations can be corrected by networked reference stations with excellent results. The user benefits from very precise positioning results which have a real-time accuracy of up to 2 cm. This performance can even be achieved if the distance to the next reference station is clearly above 20 km. With correction data models such as VRS (virtual reference station) and FKP (Flächen-Korrektur Parameter) telemetry-related deviations are interpolated and transmitted to the user in the form of correction data.

Reference Networked Services

The use of reference networked services has a lot of advantages. Positioning can be carried out in real-time with an accuracy of centimetres. Post-processing is not necessary anymore. Furthermore, users do not need to establish their own reference stations.

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As the first European supplier of correction data AXIO-NET makes possible a networking beyond country borders all over Europe - obtaining an accuracy of 30-50 cm!

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