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In Germany correction data for RTK measurements are usually provided by reference networked services in the reference system ETRS89/WGS84. In the future ETRS89 will be adopted for all fields of activity in public surveying and cadastral administration. Thus, there will be for the first time, a homogeneous general control network free of struts in Germany.

Presently the coordinates of the control points are still in the inhomogeneous territorial coordinate systems, e.g. DHDN, STN43/83. Due to these territorial coordinates a lot of applications are needed.

Datum Transformation

To transfer ETRS89 coordinates to territorial coordinates a transformation of the datum is necessary. Normally this is carried out by a 7-parameter transformation. In order to calculate the territorial transformation parameters, control points of both reference systems are essential. The 7-parameter transformation (3 translations, 1 scale, 3 rotations) can be carried out by means of these control points.

Real-time Transformation

Traditionally, control points have to be located and surveyed for transformation. A much easier and time-saving method is the transformation in real-time. For this method you need to have your control points filed either in the rover or in the reference network. When surveying ETRS89 coordinates, the next control points will automatically be detected and the coordinates transformed.

Transformation services

AXIO-NET provides transformation services in real-time. The great advantages of these services are that the rover in use does not have to support transformation, the search for control points is omitted and the right territorial coordinates are chosen automatically.