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Conversions in the German GSM Network of Telekom

Bonn/Hanover – In Germany Telekom will implement a new IP-based network technology according to 3GPP-Standard (3rd Generation Partnership Project). This conversion will be effected gradually in the course of next year. Start of the project will be 5th January, 2011. The switching technology for the voice transmission will be converted. This will lead to changes for all GSM services, the data transfer of which is made by modem connections via voice channels of the mobile phone. Due to this new technology the Round Trip Time (RTT) of the data service CSD extends, as the signals will have to be converted into the IP record, transferred and converted back.


According to our knowledge there are no substantial impacts on the use of our services expected. However, interferences are possible when dialling in via older modems that do not support 3GPP-Standard. You will obtain from the manufacturer further information concerning the supported standard.


Our experts would be pleased to answer your questions connected with this conversion via our free of charge hotline. On the following websites of the Telekom you will find general information and details on the schedule when in your region the conversion will be effected:

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