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New Computing Centre

The operation of real-time correction data services requires an efficient and reliable computing centre. For this reason, AXIO-NET decided in 2008 to leave the management of its own IT infrastructure to a very experienced partner, the British Telecommunications (BT). In order to guarantee maximum security and reliability now and in future, BT invested in a technically up-to-date computing centre that ensures the most reliable operation of the AXIO-NET services.

Server racks are spread over 5,000 square metres in the new computing centre of BT in Frankfurt-Sossenheim. But the size of this area alone is not the sole and most important feature of the new computing centre. The implementation of state-of-the art technologies and the protection from physical and electronic influences guarantees the highest degree of technical capacity, availability and security. Moreover, the modern IT of the computing centre ensures high efficiency and a sustainable energy management.

“As we are an operator of highly precise correction data services, we put highest requirements on the quality and availability of our IT. We have been opting for BT as our partner for several years and are happy that we have invested in such an innovative and safe computing centre”, says Botho Graf zu Eulenburg, managing director of AXIO-NET.

The BT computing centre is responsible for the calculation and distribution of correction data. Here, the raw data received from the reference stations are converted in real-time correction data by the networking software provided by AXIO-NET. After that, these data are made available to the users via GPRS or GSM. Owing to a remote access the engineers of AXIO-NET always have control over all processes. A global IP network enables the distribution of the correction data services in Germany, Denmark, Great Britain and the Netherlands.